The Root of Antisemitic Conspiracy Myths
Jews have been the subject of antisemitic conspiracy myths for centuries.

In medieval times, Jews had to contend with blood libels and allegations that they were responsible for poisoned wells. Later, these accusations would come to include myths about Jewish control of the global centers of power, which were heightened with the publication of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Many of these antisemitic tropes or their derivatives persist today in the press, on social media, and in textbooks.  

One of the most peculiar aspects of antisemitism is that it often manifests in societies in which there are no Jews. Antisemites allege that Jews, who only account for only 0.2% of the world’s population, control banks, the media, politics, and global institutions.

They slanderously charge that “Zionists” are perpetrating a genocide against Palestinians and are harvesting the organs of children. While many of these myths are spread today because of misinformation and the rapid news-cycle, they are rooted in centuries of hatred.

These tropes, which are used to falsely malign the Jewish people, paint them as a homogeneous group aligned in their supposed desire for world domination. Thus, not only do they disparage the Jewish people with antisemitic accusations, but they also undermine the notion of the diversity of global Jewish community.

The Myth that Jews are Responsible for the Death of Jesus Christ

While the myth that Jews murdered Jesus might seem like harmless historical speculation, it has resulted in unimaginable Jewish suffering and been used to justify antisemitism.

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The Myth of Blood Libel

The baseless charge that Jews murder non-Jews, especially children, in order to use their blood to perform religious rituals has been used to justify the torture, expulsion, and murder of Jews.

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The Myth that Jews Control the World

While Jews have historically had little influence over their own fate, antisemites allege that Jews, who account for approximately 0.2 percent of the global population is singularly in control banks, the media and, government—even the weather.

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The Myth that Jews Spread Disease

From allegations that Jews were spreading leprosy to kill Christians to various conspiracy myths associated with the origins of COVID-19, antisemitic, and hateful messages, regarding diseases and their relations to the Jewish people have historically been used as an undermining force.

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The Myth that the Holocaust was Exaggerated or Never Happened

The Holocaust was the attempt by Nazi Germany and its collaborators to murder the Jews of Europe. Yet some antisemites have sought to cast doubt on these crimes and exonerate the Nazis for their attempted genocide against the Jewish people.

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The Myth of Dual Loyalty

Simply referred to as the “dual loyalty” charge, antisemites have sought to scapegoat harass, and vilify Jews, alleging that their true allegiance is to their fellow Jews and that they are inherently disloyal citizens of the countries in which they reside.

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The Myth of Jewish Greed

Throughout history antisemites have alleged that Jews have an “insatiable appetite for money” and in their pursuit of financial gain demand others make sacrifices for their selfish benefits, leading to the demonization of the Jewish people.

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